Wednesday, May 20, 2009


To get ready for your wedding, you've enlisted the help of a small village. But after all is said and done, who will help you keep looking like the beauty you are? Put your hair and makeup artist on standby and check out these amazing vanity tables that will have you feeling pampered and oh-so ladylike.

Tip for your wedding and lifestyle? Mirrored pieces are an artful and sophisticated way to add depth and drama to any occasion - plus you can always check that a hair is never out of place! Wouldn't this be such a lovely backdrop for some amazing wedding photos? Also, as the mirrors provide a blank canvas for any decor, using bold, bright bursts of color give an instant designer look. If you are really daring, how about mixing in a few bright lampshades in with the floral arrangements rather than the standard centerpieces, thus providing a 1940s elegance to the occasion.

And for your life after the wedding, imagine waking up every morning and getting ready in such a beautiful space - who can resist?

Images courtesy of Graham and Green.

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Cheryl said...

i love them all!

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