Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Up, Up and Away!

For a effortless classic look, look no further that a sweeping updo, but fret not! these updos aren't your high school prom's stiff hairsprayed lacquered confections!

To bring this hairstyle into the 21st century, think of full bouffants reminiscent of your grandmother, with subtle pieces pulled out to create a lightly tousled style with dimension. The key? A slightly messy look means runway ready hair that is perfectly polished.

From hairstylist Meagan Hester created the above deconstructed look for Angel Sanchez. "This is a soft elegant updo," says Hester. "Texture is needed, and sometimes backcombing (teasing) the whole head beforehand will give you better texture. If your hair is curly you may want to blowdry it straight, or you can get a different look with it curly."

Looking great and timeless? I think that's a do!

Images courtesy of Brides.

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