Monday, November 30, 2009

Most Impressed

If you are in the market fora clean, simple modern and elegant aesthetic, look no further than delphine.The artists at this company apply this modern aesthetic to the centuries-old craft of letterpress printing to create luxurious stationery products of the highest quality.

Choose from dozens of soy letterpress ink colors, fonts, papers, envelopes and custom envelope liners. Changing the paper, ink colors, fonts, or envelopes can make one of their invitation designs more formal or casual, look vintage or modern and, most importantly, can make it perfect for your once in a lifetime special event.

update: the gift of giving . . . Ericka at dephine press wanted to let you ladies and style savvy mavens in on a little holiday cheer:

Here's a code to make the holiday shopping season a bit sweeter.

25 percent off all Delphine custom invites, personal stationery, holiday cards, calendars, gifts, note cards, and paper goodies on our website:

Code: WINTER25
expires 12.06.09

Images via delphine press.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks Giving

Taking a quiet moment to reflect on all that I'm thankful for . . .

Thank you to the wonderful community of wedding bloggers and readers that have supported the cinderella project. This blog has been a labor of love and it has been a privilege to been able to share a little part of me with you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Image via Vogue Italia.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Fond Farewell

I'd like to take this time to thank the wonderful people at InStyle Weddings for all their support of the cinderella project. Here are a few of my favorite editorial spreads from InStyle Weddings that I know you will love too:

Runway to the Big Day

Splendid Affair - Country Setting

Carnations, Really?

And to show your support, their last issue will hit newsstands Dec. 25th. Thank you again to all the people who imagined a world with limitless beauty.

Images via Instyle Weddings.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Perfect Fall Wedding

I've always been on the lookout for the perfect fall wedding, something utterly elegant, timeless, and charmingly rustic. In a sea of oranges and browns, I was beginning to believe this perfect fall wedding would be just a dream.

But along came my own fairy godmother who waved her magical mouse and directed me to Style Me Pretty where I saw the most beautiful autumn wedding planned by Brooke Keegan, designed by Sunny of White Lilac, and photographed by the immensely talented Aaron Delesie.

Hope was not lost, fairy tales do come true, and love conquers all!

Images copyrighted and courtesy of Aaron Delesie via Style Me Pretty.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Oh there's no place like home for the holidays! With Thanksgiving fast approaching I thought I'd change it up here at the cinderella project to link you to a delicious recipe of pumpkin and hazelnut doughnuts from one the best food blogs I've had the privilege of reading, Cannelle et Vanille.

These bite sized scrumptious sweets are perfect for your Thanksgiving breakfast or perhaps even as a good night snack for your guest as they drive safely home from your wedding.

And for any foodies and aspiring Marthas, take a look at all the other recipes Canelle et Vanille offers.

Images copyrighted and courtesy of Canelle et Vanille by Aran Goyoaga.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fab Frocks Friday: Do You Believe in Magic?

It must be the holiday season because there's magic in the air!

Images via Harpers Bazaar.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

'Tis the Season to go to J.Crew

Christmas came early for me - yes ladies, imagine my surprise and delight when I saw the winter edition of the J.Crew catalog in my mailbox!

I jumped to the wedding section to see what the editors and stylist had in store for us this holiday season, and I must say I am most impressed. This holiday season, they opted for a tailored classic look of black and white which I thing goes well for weddings and holiday parties alike. And let's not forget one J.Crew style tip - understated white dress means oodles of delicious accessories!

Images via J.Crew.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You Light Up My Life

Never underestimate the power of a good candle - or several hundred as this case may be!

This beautiful wedding features gorgeous arrangements of high flying and low lying orchids and lilies with candles floating on air. The overall effect is stunning to say the least!

Several hundred candle holders may be quite the investment for your wedding, but whose to say you can't recreate the look on a smaller scale? Candles are always a great investment especially for those delightful house parties you are sure to have once you are newly wed!

I took to my local Ikea and invested in my own set of candle supplies just in case there are any last minute entertaining events on my social calendar this holiday season. From tall modern candlestick holders to universally appealing tea light holders, you'll find the right candles to set the tone for your affair.

Images via White Lilac Inc.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Cut Above the Rest

From the glittering lights of Paris to the streets of New York, celebrity florist Jeff Leatham's stunning displays of modern art like no other.

Jeff's work is a combination of his love for flowers and his passion for design. His creations are bold statements, using shape, color, and simplicity to produce a dramatic effect. Breathtaking and unforgettable, Jeff's flowers and design essentials are always integral to the setting never merely a backdrop.

And with a new atelier in NYC, witness the master at his craft on TLC's new show Flowers Uncut, chronicling Jeff's journey as he prepares to take over the New York design scene!

Images via Jeff Leatham.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Giving Bee

In this season of giving thanks, there's one little hero we may have forgotten - the Honey Bee. Now you many be thinking, what do Honey Bees have to do with weddings? Well, imagine a world without nature's most dedicated farmers - no sweetener to flavor your cake, no berries to dress up your champagne, and no fruits to garnish your deserts.

But fret not reader there is something we can do! The Häagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees campaign was created to increase awareness of the serious danger faced by our little bees. One in three honey bee colonies have died nationwide within the past three winters, which poses a serious risk to the overall natural food supply.

To help the honey bees, Alex Woo created a limited pendant and will donate 10 percent of the proceeds from every bee pendant purchase to university research that focuses on determining the cause of the honey bee crisis. As an added bonus, when you purchase a bee pendant, you will also receive a Häagen-Dazs ice cream gift certificate for a free 14 oz. carton!

Won't you help the cause and spread the buzz? Ladies perhaps you can ask your honey to help too - and who knows there just maybe a sweet something in store for you as well!

Images via Häagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees and Alex Woo.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fab Frocks Friday: At the Stroke of Twilight

What could be better than riding off into the sunset with your dashing suitor and his white - I mean silver stead? How about looking so rebel-without-a-cause-cool when you don this sparkling mini from Alexander Wang?

Oh young love!

Images via Harper's Bazzar.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Into the Woods We Go

What is it about this season that makes us fall in love all over again? Is it the cozy feelings you get when snuggling up to your loved one by the fireside? Or perhaps it's the simple act of holding hands as you and Prince strolling down a woodsy bend with the foliage quietly keeping you two company?

The leaves may fall, and the colors may fade, but those warm and fuzzy feelings in your heart will remain. And with leaves, acorns, wood and owls in fragrant soap form, you can now take fall's beauty home with you!

If you prefer to capture the brilliant colors of fall look no further than Uptown Soap, which provides an array of hues to remake foliage in your bathroom. Something more subdued? Gianna Rose carries a line of Thanksgiving inspired soaps that are sure to please!

So spread the warmth of the season with a little gift that will freshen up the spirit!

Images via O Magazine and Gianna Rose.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dapper Gents

During my daily stroll along the information super highway, I stumbled upon The Red Sole Bride - an elegant and tasteful blog written by one bride to be in Hong Kong.

It was there I happened upon a most informative discussion of the proper attire for your dapper gent as discussed in The Rake - the modern voice of classic men's elegance.

The Jacket: Jackets should be either double or single breasted with peak or shawl lapels. The most formal combination would be the single breasted peak lapel jacket coupled with a waistcoat. A working buttonhole cut straight across the lapel is a necessity since, a single flower is the most appropriate accessory for a black-tie jacket/coat.

The waistcoat: Ideally, the waistcoat should frame the bib of your shirt perfectly and sit right above the top of your trousers – never to expose the transition between your shirt and trousers. The waistcoat can either be single or double breasted and ideally should be a horseshoe shape rather than a V-shape.

The cummerbund: Normally a silk satin finish, the cummerbund is the less formal alternative to the waistcoat. Pleats of the cummerbund should always face up.

The trousers: These should always be cut high to meet the bottom of your waistcoat. Wearing a belt is an absolute no-no. Braces are a must to keep your trousers in place and to prevent ‘bunching up’. White silk braces which are buttoned are the way to go and never, never don the dreaded clip on braces. The length of trousers should always just barely graze the top of the shoe so as not to break the sleek lines of his silhouette.

The dress shirt: The collar of the wing collar dress shirt should be cut particularly high and the tips of the wings sharply turned down in contrast. The sleeves should be single cuffs enclosed with a cuff link and just long enough to show three quarters of an inch past your jacket. For soft turndown collar shirt, the bib is normally pleated and french cuffs are the style.

The bow tie: Always black, always hand-tied. He’s not a boy anymore, and there’s something very sensual about tying one on for your man.

A white linen handkerchief and a single flower inserted into the lapel (not pinned on) are the finishing touches for the perfect black-tie look.

Images via The Rake from The Red Sole Bride.

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