Friday, May 29, 2009

Fab Frocks Friday: Take Me to the Sale on Time

Forget the church - take me to the sale on time! It's the end of May and you know what that means ladies! Sales galore - and seriously, who doesn't love an amazing piece at a very reasonable price? If you've got your eye on a fabulous frock, I highly recommend getting yours sooner than later - can you imagine the heartbreak if after all this time you weren't able to get it?

Here's just a few of our favorites:

Images courtesy of Net-a-Porter and The Outnet.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

American Dreams

I just love this editorial spread from Elegant Bride aptly titled Young Americans.

Images courtesy of Elegant Bride.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the Name of the Bling

Now I love me some sparkle just like any other girl, but I'm often dismayed to see brides quickly falling in love with a dress that has a lot of razzle and dazzle, but may not necessarily be of the best quality. Even worse, I once met a bride that wanted to redo her gorgeous Angel Sanchez with its clean sophisticated lines into a bedazzled mess (sacraligious I know!). Yes, we all want to look and feel like a princess, but it takes a trained eye (and a bit of restraint) to distinguish the fine line between all that glitter.

There are many ways you can sparkle and still look polished and elegant without having to go the traditional fully beaded polyblend route. So may I humbly suggest these brilliant pieces that still convey all the pomp and circumstance of a high society affair:

Sparkle needn't be relagated to just the dress - there's a world of possiblity if we think outside the box. From the queen of modern day wedding couture, Vera Wang shows us that a little glitz around your neck makes quite the bridal and fashion statement. Don't you love the bold black ribbon? I think it will contrast with the white hues of your gown quite splendidly. If you're a bride that has a simple understated wedding dress, an embellished necklace can provide all the drama you need for the day. Or if your the bride with a high fashion wedding gown, adding a statement necklace can be the elusive final touch you need.

Not quite a necklace person? How about big bold earrings or stacked chunky gemstone bracelets that are equally as amazing? Whatever the jewelry, you'll be making a worthwhile investment - one that you can wear again and again!

Images courtesy of Saks.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Furriest Guest

Enough about friends and family on your guest list - what about inviting your most beloved and furriest of friends?

For those couples planning to have your furry friend involved in your wedding in some capacity, make sure above all else to consider the comfort of your pet. If the venue is a long drive from your home, or if new locations and unexpected faces will put your pet in an anxious state, and you know your pet will be more comfortable at home, do what is best for your pet.

If you are more flexible and don't mind if your four legged friend isn't part of the ceremony, here's an idea from the Wedding Photojournalist Association: have your pet hang around the bridal party and the groom's party as they get ready for the day. However, be sure that your pet can be trusted with all the mesh/lace and expensive gowns/dresses. Fido chewing up the dress an hour before the ceremony could be a big disaster!

Pets can add a measure of spontaneity and fun to the photographs, giving the photographs a degree of personality to the wedding and keeping it from being a run-of-the-mill type event. So make sure the nails are groomed, the teeth are sparkly white, and the coat is well groomed - your furry friend just might steal the show!

Images courtesy of Vogue July 2007 by Mario Testino and Pronovias.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fab Frocks Friday: Summer Days

The year flew by so quickly - can you believe that Memorial Day (and the unofficial start of summer) is just around the corner?

Here's to taking this time to perfecting that summer tan to better show off those sexy shoulders in your gorgeous white dress. In the meantime, these pretty dresses are as clear as water and sure to get you into the spirit of the season.

Don't you just love how each dress highlights a wedding and fashion trend? Whether it be floral appliques, a goddess-like one shoulder dress, romantic tiers and ruffles, a belted mini, or a well placed drape, take note - the ocean is calling!

Images courtesy of Alex Cayley for Vogue Mexico March 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Sweet Life

If they gave out awards for most inspiring dessert buffets, Amy Atlas' creations would most certainly take the cake!

Dessert buffets are becoming a staple along the wedding circuit, often use as a sweet favor to see off the guests at the end of the event.  Much as I love delicious goodies, I'm often dismayed to see that most dessert buffet designs have become somewhat of a wedding 101 of finding several apothecary jars, filling them up with like colored candy, and a few dozen plastic baggies to wrap them in.

There takes a certain knack into making these mouth watering delights into eye candy.  Take a look at a this scrumptious table from Amy:

As always, weddings are about making a personal statement and having continuity through all elements of the wedding. Of course color is an integral part in the display, but as they say, the devil's in the details!

Amy and her team designed this bold, patterned dessert table for a wedding. The fuschia cherry blossom tree cake was inspired by the wedding invitation.   Custom lollipop trees were created to complement the cake, as well as raspberry truffles, chocolate and mini cupcakes.  Did you also notice the small pile pink rocks to mimic the lollipop trees growing from the earth?  

Lattice patterned paper was used to line each dish of sweets, giving the overall look a chic, organic look.  Each dessert had its own platter and each dish was neatly arranged on the plate, thus creating crisp, modern lines.  Making sure each dessert has its own place is key to maintaining a clean and inviting buffet, and gives the illusion that each guest was the first guest to happen upon such a treasure. 

If you decide to have a self-serve dessert buffet, make sure that you designate some one to routinely check to make sure all dessert plates and jars are full and everything is in order.  And please above all else, find a container or a space for the goodie bags rather than having them splayed out across the table. Better yet, designate a server at the reception to create special goodie bags for each guest and seal them closed with a monogramed sticker to commemorate the occasion.

How sweet it is to be loved by you!

Images courtesy of Amy Atlas Events.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


To get ready for your wedding, you've enlisted the help of a small village. But after all is said and done, who will help you keep looking like the beauty you are? Put your hair and makeup artist on standby and check out these amazing vanity tables that will have you feeling pampered and oh-so ladylike.

Tip for your wedding and lifestyle? Mirrored pieces are an artful and sophisticated way to add depth and drama to any occasion - plus you can always check that a hair is never out of place! Wouldn't this be such a lovely backdrop for some amazing wedding photos? Also, as the mirrors provide a blank canvas for any decor, using bold, bright bursts of color give an instant designer look. If you are really daring, how about mixing in a few bright lampshades in with the floral arrangements rather than the standard centerpieces, thus providing a 1940s elegance to the occasion.

And for your life after the wedding, imagine waking up every morning and getting ready in such a beautiful space - who can resist?

Images courtesy of Graham and Green.

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