Thursday, May 7, 2009

Intimate Moments

We've all wished we were Victoria Secret supermodels, strutting our stuff on the catwalk in nothing but our bloomers.

With the rising popularity in boudoir photography, every bride can channel that fashionably sexy spirit. But brides take note - there is a fine line in looking tastefully undone and just looking done.

So what can you do so you will capture that timeless bombshell beauty? Make sure you have the proper lighting; sex appeal isn't confined to what you don't wear. Create a mood with subtle lighting and shadowing.

The right wardrobe can also compliment the the boudoir photography theme. Sheer stockings and lingerie are always a go-to look, but an oversized man’s button-up shirt can also be sexy.

Finally, a picture can capture that moment in time, but confidence will last a lifetime.

Image courtesy of "Summertime" by Chad Pitman for Flair Magazine.

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