Friday, October 31, 2008

A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Happy Halloween! Here at The Cinderella Project no occasion is too small to celebrate. As an ode to All Hallows Eve, I'd like to present to you an inspiration board "A Day at the Pumpkin Patch." Enjoy!

Brunch Dress: Moschino Boucle available at Net-a-Porter. What a darling dress and the boucle is perfect for the crisp weather!

Reception: Okay, I know that I said earlier that I'm not a fan of fall weddings, but it was because I never saw this reception design. Tall centerpieces in varying heights, white linens, clear crystal, and gold chiavari chairs. I think sometimes its better to stick with one color than to have two varying colors, especially if it is such a distinct color. This way the look is modern, fresh, and crisp. Definitely worthy of being featured in The New York Times!

Jewelry: A piece all girls must have - the Hermès enamel bracelet. And doubly better is if your friend's initials is "H"!

: The perfect Thank You stationary in an letterpress orange Alencon lace by Vera Wang. Bridal and chic!

Invitations: No Party at the Pumpkin Patch would be complete without a little visit from Mother Nature. These invitations by Oslo Press are fantastic - made out of a rich wood veneer, complimented by elegant paper with a butterfly motif throughout.

Glad for Gladiators: Who says Pumpkin Patches aren't reason to look your best? Keep your Wellingtons in the closet and get ready to trapeze in these to die for Pierre Hardy gladiators. Don't worry - your Prince Charming will sweep you in his arms should there be any puddles in the vicinity!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Leaving it to the Pro-FRESH-inals

We've all wanted to be guest judges on Iron Chef, tasting the unique, culinary creations of master chefs and with the rise of Foodie culture, excellent food has never been more in demand.

At Food Art Event, you'll be able to satisfy your (and your guests) inner Michelin reviewer. From the brilliant minds of Chef David Myers of Sona, Boule and Comme Ça restaurants and Jerry Baker of City Cuisine Catering + Design comes masterpieces that are easy on the eyes and the stomach.

I never thought I could be seduced by a wasabi emulsion, but here I am falling in love! I think its safe to say gone are the days of the rubber chicken and dry fish.

And for dessert? Make sure you take a picture before you devour your dish!

Food Art Event reduces their carbon footprint by buying local and organic food and beverages and donate a portion of their procedes environmental groups that give back to the planet.

I'll eat (and eat and eat) to that!

For more info, check out their website: Food Art Events.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Waist Not, Want Not

My mom always told me to finish the food on my plate. Good for my upbringing, but bad for my girlish figure. With the whirlwind of food tasting, cake sampling, and brunches in your honor, what is a bride to do?

Calling all Greek Goddesses and Josephines! The empire waist dress makes for a very statuesque look that draws the eyes upwards and a slimming A-line skirt creates a lengthened figure that even a petite girl can carry. A band underneath the bust gives a boost to a sometimes meager bosom. Plus there is nothing to constrict the stomach so of course you'll be able to eat the hors d'oeuvre, appetizers, first course, second course, third course, fourth course, dessert, and that third slice of wedding cake.

The result - a regal beauty who is not afraid to eat!

Rosa Clara silk crepe with slight sweetheart neckline - don't the yards and yards of fabric look divine? And I love the voluminous french twist - it adds such a classic modernity.

Carolina Herrera silk charmeuse and duchess satin floral embroidered strapless A-line with crystal detail. Carolina Herrera chiffon and organza with lace applique at skirt.

Christos empire waist chiffon with flower detail at the bust and one shoulder strap. Christos embellished chiffon.

And here's an interesting tidbit of information: did you know style was often worn in white to denote a high social status? Well, don't mind if I do then!

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I'm Just Mad about Saffron

What is it about the Yellow & Gray color combination that just gets me in such a romantic mood? Is it the bold burst of color to compliment a subdued palette? Is it that Yellow is a little sweet and sassy and Gray is a bit sophisticated and refined? Is it that opposites attract? Am I speaking of colors anymore?

Well, I was inspired to make a Yellow & Gray board after I saw the amazing interior design of Hecker Phelan Guthrie, who designed the dining room space below.

The Dress: Chiffon halter Amsale Gown with floral detail at the neckline.

Guest Attire: I love the bow and one shoulder detail of this amazing Thread Social dress from their Spring 2009 collection.

Fine Dining: Swordfish with a Saffron cream sauce - delicious!

Engagement Ring: Harry Winston emerald cut fancy vivid yellow diamond with trapezoid side stones.

Favors: Yellow boxes with a monogrammed ribbon are the perfect addition to the wedding.

Bridesmaids: You can't go wrong with picking the same designer for your bridesmaid dresses as you did for your wedding gown. Empire strapless gray chiffon with rosette detail at the bust.

Reception: Rather than doing the typical ballroom style wedding, what about finding a fabulous space with all the details already included? This dining room designed by Hecker Phelan Guthrie has just the right touches - aren't the chairs and booths fabulous?

For the Honeymoon: Goyard carry all bag for the style obsessed bride - don't forget your passport!

Invitations: Kate Spade invitations - love the yellow lined envelope!

Well Heeled: Christian Louboutin Bling Bling heels - runway model walk not included.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Runway Roundup: Vera Wang Fall 2009

Just back from my front row seat at the runway shows a.k.a. my computer and I am happy to report that Vera Wang's new collection is a modern marvel!

There were a few collections that I thought were a little questionable, but her Spring 2009 and the new Fall designs will definitely make dress shopping for you ladies much more difficult.

Ball Gown with Ribbon detailing at the skirt and Taffeta sash at the waist. Ruched Dropped waist Chiffon Mermaid - please note brides if you are not model tall, I would highly recommend raising the drop waist.

Strapless dropped waist ruched taffeta and taffeta sash. Silk charmeuse with sash underneath the bust - love the color palette!

Gray strapless with organza petals throughout the bodice and skirt. Strapless satin with gray chiffon overlay

Silk charmeuse, plunging v neck with chiffon overlay at bodice. Layered organza with sash underneath the bust - love the necklace!

Cowl neck dropped waist whisper champagne, sash at the natural waist. Sweetheart empire waist satin with embellished applique at the bust

Creamy latte ruched chiffon, contrast black detail at the straps and underneath the bust, cut chiffon skirt. Strapless chiffon and organza, embellished brooch at ruched skirt with ivory cut chiffon underskirt.

New trend - bold statement jewelry to luxe up any bridal look, less bridal, more fashion. I guess the sash is here to stay but in a more palette friendly, less obtrusive way. I am a fan of color but I think most brides will still opt for a more traditional color.

For the full collection, please click here: Vera Wang Fall 2009.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Rhapsody in Blue

If floral arrangements were translated into music, I would imagine a trumpet blowing some sassy tunes especially if they looked like the masterpieces at Krislyn Designs.

I've always wondered how organic materials could be made into something fabulous and I believe I have found the answer.

What genius her designs are - the vivid cobalt blue feathers are making me feel a little O La La! The clusters of blue moss make me feel as if I am submerged in an oasis of heavenly serenity; and the delicate blue petals gently strung throughout the manzanita branches remind me of cherry blossoms in spring.

Wouldn't these pieces be such a statement for your guests to see when they first walk in? These pieces are truly works of art that I know will be appreciated for their beauty and their uniqueness.

Eco has met chic and its a match made in heaven! Thanks L.M. for the scoop!

A Tasteful Invitation

I'm a sucker for something sweet!

These novel invitations are the perfect way to get your guests excited for the Big Bash!

From Wonderful Graffiti Wedding, these lollipops have a monogram on one side and all the wedding info on the other side.

Beautifully packaged in a white monogrammed box and nestled in black tissue (love the big satin bow!), these invitations create a sweet, yet elegant statement. The lollipops are cherry flavored, which has me reminiscing about my elementary school days when I always looked forward to my Micky Mouse cherry lollipops for Valentines Day.

I think I would rather use these as a Save the Date instead of my invitation - hmm . . . wonder if Wonderful Graffiti Wedding can do that. I don't know which one is better - the invitation or the candy!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Edible Complex

Heaven is paved in bite sized white chocolate parfait. I am developing a sweet spot for Amy Atlas's beautiful creations. Her candy covered tables will be the talk of party as your guests line up to satisfy their inner child! And Amy's use of large, round opaque balloons - whoever thought balloons could be so chic?

I love her use of tonal palettes - it makes such a clean, modern statement to the occasion.

Check out below for more "eye candy!"

S'mores galore, torrone nougat, coconut macaroons, and dusted truffles! White lemonade with calligraphed “Best Wishes” straws add a festive touch to the event. Can I just say I love the idea of the lemonade? How whimsical!

And what about this green collection!

The table includes a cane-patterned cake (love patterns!), as well as custom cane cookies, fondant-covered petit fours, and macaroons - who doesn't love macaroons?

Hmm . . . it looks like we may need to invite a dentist to the wedding as well - Bon Appe-sweet!

For more information please see below:

Amy Atlas
New York City
Phone 917-974-9285

Her delicious displays could almost justify me making the cross country move to NYC just so I can use her for my wedding!

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