Friday, October 17, 2008

Edible Complex

Heaven is paved in bite sized white chocolate parfait. I am developing a sweet spot for Amy Atlas's beautiful creations. Her candy covered tables will be the talk of party as your guests line up to satisfy their inner child! And Amy's use of large, round opaque balloons - whoever thought balloons could be so chic?

I love her use of tonal palettes - it makes such a clean, modern statement to the occasion.

Check out below for more "eye candy!"

S'mores galore, torrone nougat, coconut macaroons, and dusted truffles! White lemonade with calligraphed “Best Wishes” straws add a festive touch to the event. Can I just say I love the idea of the lemonade? How whimsical!

And what about this green collection!

The table includes a cane-patterned cake (love patterns!), as well as custom cane cookies, fondant-covered petit fours, and macaroons - who doesn't love macaroons?

Hmm . . . it looks like we may need to invite a dentist to the wedding as well - Bon Appe-sweet!

For more information please see below:

Amy Atlas
New York City
Phone 917-974-9285

Her delicious displays could almost justify me making the cross country move to NYC just so I can use her for my wedding!

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In or Out... said...

yummm...sweets are my weakness... *drool*

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