Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Fall Ball

Gentle Reader, as we come to the end of Autumn, I'm taking us on one last walk in the Fall park.

One thing I've always wanted to incorporate is that nostalgic feeling we get as we remember the past and prepare for the coming change. And I think that is what weddings are all about, celebrating the past and present, celebrating two special people that found each other because the journey is just as important as the destination.

Reception: from The Knot, this amazing table incorporates rustic charm and city chic. Baby's breath and phalaenopsis orchids are arranged in bamboo containers on a bed of dahlias.

Wedding Dress: from Vera Wang, ivory strapless Chantilly lace gown with appliqué-lace bodice, and green velvet.

Ceremony: Preston Bailey creates a spectacular setting for the "I Dos" by bringing all that is lovely outside inside.

Cake Topper: these two lovebirds take the cake!

Invitations: Ceci NY makes some of the most amazing grand invitations and this one is certainly no exception.

Bouquet: Rosenow Floral, a San Francisco based florist created this lush Fall bouquet. Just be careful when you throw the bouquet!

I'll be back on Monday to dish about all things weddingish! I hope you have a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving!

Images via: www.theknot.com, www.brides.com, www.prestonbailey.com, www.blissweddingmarket.com, www.cecinewyork.com.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Anemones Closer

I believe that flowers really help set the tone of any wedding. Roses are a symbol of tradition, hydrangeas can denote a more laid back, casual event, and calla lilies can impart a chic, urban look.

One bloom that I'm quickly falling in love with is the anemone. They can make a classic bouquet of roses into a sophisticated art piece or make a cozy arrangement even warmer. With their big bold centers, these flowers are simply amazing.

Whatever the occasion, anemones are a great way to add an unexpected touch to your affair. And for your winter brides, the anemone is the perfect seasonal flower to use - just make sure to keep them close at hand because with flowers this pretty, those roses just may get a tad bit jealous!

Left to right: Takeshimaya New York, Fleurs NYC, The Knot, Art Fool, Fleurs NYC, Martha Stewart Weddings.

Friday, November 21, 2008

One Day I'll Fly Away

I recently picked up the latest issue of New York Magazine's Wedding issue and I fell in love with an amazing Manuel Mota couture wedding gown. Can you imagine all the hours spent lovingly apply each and every feather?

Naturally, this course of events inspired me to do a Feathered Inspiration board.

Flowers: Fuschia peonies, white garden roses, rich blue and purple hydrangeas and votives for the centerpieces.

Heavenly Heels
: these 5" Christian Louboutins are absolutely amazing and the rich color gives the whole look a sumptuous, rich feel.

Wedding Gown: the dress that launched a thousand ideas by Manuel Mota. How can you not be enchanted?

Invitations: the blues and fuschias of the invitation go perfectly with our wedding! These delightful invites are from Wedding Paper Divas.

Reception: keep the party outdoors - after all how can you keep a beautiful bird inside! This French inspired reception brings the decadence of the courts to the outside. Chandeliers outside anyone?

Let them eat cake: from the Little Venice Cake Company this Versailles Birds themed cake hits all the right notes.

Decor: I found these amazing cages from our friends at Perfect Bound.

This is one wedding that won't ruffle anyone's feathers!

Images via www.instyleweddings.com, www.fashionhoney.blogspot.com, www.nymag.com, www.weddingpaperdivas.com, www.lvcc.co.uk, www.perfectbound.blogspot.com.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Very Pucci Wedding

Don't you love when fashion and weddings unite? Definitely a match made in heaven!

From Olivier Giugni, an NYC-based floral designer and 2007 MB Trendsetter, comes a wedding theme that will satisfy even the most fashionista bride: A Very Pucci Wedding.

I love the bold table cloth and the decorative accents - it makes such a bold and vivid statement. Now this doesn't mean that you have free reign to monogram your wedding in LV, Gucci, or Chanel (I shudder at the horrors!). Please, lets show a little restraint.

Images via www.brides.com.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Things Come in Small Packages

As Martha would say "it's a good thing" and I can think of no better thing (because "gooder" is not a word) than these delightful eats!

One major trend in weddings is the change from the big multi-course dinner to a funner, more bite sized dining experience. Not only do these small goodies look amazing in pictures (rows upon rows of different colored macaroons anyone?) but they also give your guests more options in eating what they really want. After all, no one likes to feel so stuffed that they can't take a turn on the dance floor.

Below are some pictures of the amazing Peter Callahan's work for Martha Stewart's Breakfast at Tiffany's themed wedding:

And for you DIY brides, this is a great way to have an amazing and affordable reception. With food looking this good, it just might steal the show!

Images via www.marthastewart.com.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In Full Bloom

Run(a)way Bride

What if you searched high and low, near and far, for a wedding dress and could not find anything? Reader, I hope you never have such a nightmare!

But for some of you, that is the case. Is Oscar unworthy of your love? Monique not a BFF? Carolina got you down?

Fear not, for I have a solution! If a white dress is what you seek, to the runway is where we shall take a peek!

For the same price as a wedding gown, you can also find a fabulous Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, or Temperly London. Aren't the ruffles of the Cavalli and Temperly London divine?

Images via www.style.com.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The New Glass Slipper

Once upon a time, in a far away land called Paris, lived a gentleman who revolutionizing the way women saw shoes. He worked long and hard knowing the fruits of his labor would be appreciated in time.

When he saw romance give way to technology, he knew that the modern day Cinderella needed something to remind her that fairy tales still existed. So he fashioned a glass slipper for her to wear on the day she would find happily ever after with her Prince Charming.

The End.

And that Gentle Reader is the story of one Monsieur Christian Louboutin.

Since there are not enough temples erected in your honor good sir, please allow me to pay tribute to you here!

Images via www.netaporter.com.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Style with InStyle Weddings!

Gentle Reader,
I'm delighted to tell you we've made the first edition of "What's Hot in Weddings on the Web" on the InStyle Weddings blog!

Check it out here: http://styleschool.typepad.com/styleschool_blog/2008/11/whats-hot-in-we.html

Thank you for all the feedback and comments - I couldn't have done this without you!

Best Wishes!

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Southern Belle

I've always wanted to be a Southern Belle. There's just something about a Southern Lady that exudes hospitality, grace, etiquette, charm, and warmth beyond her noble sisters.

Me being a Yankee, I shall have to live vicariously through this blog!

Dress: she may be from the South, but a modern Southern bride is not without her sense of style. No big hoop skirts for her! Silk shantung Alvina Valenta dress with a petal bodice. Custom made hat by Suzanne Millinery. A magnolia blossom completes the look and pays tribute to her roots.

Bridesmaid Dress: being from the south, she is going to have a large bridal party. And being ever so gracious, she is going to pick a dress that flatters all body types. Here, Anessa by Jenny Yoo.

Reception: from InStyle Weddings, "create a feminine, Southern-country vibe with wrought-iron chairs, a floral toile tablecloth, an ivory linen overlay with tassel-rope trim, and at the center of it all, five pastel-colored cakes."

Flowers: ostentatious bouquets are a thing of the past. Lush centerpieces of pink and peach peonies convey warmth and elegance.

Refreshments: this Southern Belle serves an old fashioned favorite pink lemonade in a charming mason jar and mint julep for the grown ups.

Invitations: from Little Tree Press and aptly named "Southern Charm."

Images via www.marthastewart.com, www.jennyyoo.com, www.instyle.com, www.littletreepress.com.

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