Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top Knot Success

I think New York gals have got the best top knots I've seen.  I must admit, I've stolen a few envious glances, wishing my fine tresses could transform into a lush top knot.

Lucky for you, here's a little secret for top knot success:
  1. Tie a pony tail high atop your head as the base of your top knot.  
  2. Pull your ponytail straight up and using your fingers, tease your hair gently, pulling the strands down to the base of the pony.
  3. Your ponytail will have more fullness to create a more substantial top knot.  The more you tease your ponytail, the thicker, and fuller looking your top knot will look.
  4. Wrap your teased locks around the base of your ponytail into a bun.
  5. Secure ends and any strays with a few bobby pins.
  6. Voila - top knot success! Envious glances to follow shortly.

Image by Cmeron R. Neilson via Pintrest.


Holly said...

I do a high pony a lot of the time, I think I need to try this and transform it into a knot!

Bridal Magazine said...

Thanks you for the tips.

You make the making of the knot so easy in these instructions. Thanks a lot.

Nice post.

Mandy Ciccone said...

Gorgeous. New obsession! I just attempted it in one of my latest post look and see!

Morlee said...

I love tidy top knots! I think they are chic as chic can be!

L.A. in the bay said...

I rock a top knot bun (like today) a whole lot.
Can't believe I just found your blog - obsessed!

Unknown said...

I love wearing a top know - sometimes I even use a sock to get the right shape :)


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