Monday, April 26, 2010

Floral Art

It's always a treat to see pretty petals blossoming into works of art. Such is the case with Jennifer McGarigle's Floral Art, Southern California's go to spot for unique and stylish couture floral designs.

Inspired by architecture, fashion and interior design, Jennifer has developed a distinctive style – fresh, fashion forward and immediately recognizable. While her work continually evolves, her approach remains consistent. Whether designing for individual clients, luxury brands or celebrities, she translates their personal style and vision into flowers and event décor.

Take a look at her gorgeous studio, where all the magic happens . . .

Charming isn't it? And with weddings, Jennifer realizes this most important day is deeply personal. To whatever degree possible, the design and décor should manifests her client’s taste and personality.

East Coast.West Coast. Anywhere in between. The approach is organic to the surroundings and true to the couple's style. For more of Jennifer's work, including weddings!, click here.

Images via Floral Art.


Andre@1888 builders said...

Nice designs. I love everything.

Dream Wedding Italy said...

I LOVE the vases with the purple flowers inside. Absolutely beautiful and very chic.

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