Tuesday, December 22, 2009


What with Christmas morning bring for you? For any ladies and gents looking forward to something engaging this Christmas, here's a savvy engagement ring primer from Anne Chertoff, one of the authorities on all things wedding.

From "I Will" to "I Do":

I knew what my ring looked like because I inherited it from my great-grandmother but most brides will be getting new rings so here are some tips on how to ensure it’s a style you like.
  1. Not a fan of yellow gold? Simply mention that you don’t like it by commenting on someone else’s jewelry or even pretend you’re allergic to gold altogether

  2. Did a friend or relative get engaged recently, or even a celebrity whose engagement ring has been in the press? Casually mention that you love or don’t like the style of her ring to your boyfriend

  3. If you’ve already had the discussion and you know he’s saving for a ring you can always tell him which cut and side stones you want or show him a photo of a ring you saw online or in a magazine

  4. Why not go ring shopping together so you both get an idea of what your style is and he can get a better idea of how much an engagement ring will cost.
No matter what the style is remember that he went to a lot of effort to shop and save up for a ring for you. Yes getting engaged is exciting and wedding planning is a lot of fun, but the most important thing to remember is that you have found each other and are going to spend the rest of your live together. Don’t ever forget that!

Image via Tiffany & Co.


Laura said...

my friend just got engaged this weekend. We were at a family tacky sweater party and her boyfriend was supposed to be in DC. He appeared with a tacky sweater covered in glitter and lights and "will you marry me?" cute.

Jennifer said...

Love these tips! My boyfriend took me ring browsing on Sunday.. helped SO much!

Jacqueline Weppner said...

great image!

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