Thursday, April 23, 2009

Won't You be My Lily?

For today's wedding lesson, we're going back in time to the Victorian era to learn a little "flower speak." Did you know in those days, men and women were well versed in the language of flowers? Oh yes, flowers were not just a feast for the senses - they were communication unto themselves, conveying subtle meanings and words of romance. Since it was highly improper to show one's feelings, Victorian men and women shared their most romantic feelings in flower form. Imagine, if you will, a young lady receiving a bouquet of red roses from her suitor . . . oh I am just swooning with delight!

One of my favorite flowers (at weddings and to receive) is the majestic calla lily. These graceful flowers are reminders of our past generations when grace and beauty were the rule. Associated with elegance and charm, a calla lily is the perfect flower if you wanted to create a sophisticated atmosphere for your wedding.

For more flower meanings or to see what your wedding flowers mean check out TeleFlora's Flower Glossary. And who knows? Maybe you'll just receive a bouquet of freshly cut lilies to celebrate the day!

Images courtesy of Bride & Bloom and David Tutera.

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. said...

I love the calla lilies too (as you can see from my blog name)! I hope to have a lot of them at my wedding next summer. Love the pics!

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