Thursday, February 5, 2009

Put a Little Spring in your Step

Poor Cinderella - she obviously didn't have a Barneys, Saks or Neimans nearby because if she did, I think they would have recommended a sandal with a strap as she danced the night away. Although, the whole losing her shoe thing, I think that worked in her favor.

For all you Cinderella's out there that have found your Prince Charming, fussing over your shoes is not the way you want to spend your night. Why spend a few hundred dollars on a white satin monstrosity and only wear them once? There are no rules that say your shoes must be white.

Check out the simply divine Christian Louboutin Petal sandal. A light and delicate blush pink crepe with an ankle strap and soft petals along the t-strap is a novel way to incorporate a little spring into your wedding.

Make sure to have the photographer get a picture of your shoes - très chic!

Image courtesy of Neiman Marcus.

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