Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting Organized

If pen and paper are a bit too antiquated in helping you keep organized for your wedding, try this wonderfully chic Vivienne Tam notebook from HP for all you wedding organizing needs.

We may have our iphones and Blackberrys, but really, how useful is a 3" screen when trying to pull up your favorite wedding gown to show your wedding planner? I can't begin to tell you how useful a small, compact computer has been when working with brides, in the office and out on location. Quickly adjusting your budget spreadsheet while at a vendor meeting? No problem. Forgot the style number to that Vera Wang bridesmaid dress? Why let me just go online! And at less that 1" thick, this computer will fit perfectly in your purse.

Now you may be thinking, what about all my magazine pullouts and swatches? Try this stylish Audrey File Tote (love the name) on sale right now at The Spoon Sisters for only $49.95.

Images courtesy of HP and Kate's Paperie.

1 comment:

Jennifer Ho said...

A notebook for a woman with style :)

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