Friday, February 6, 2009

Fab Frocks Friday: A Dress by Any Other Name

There are bridesmaid dresses that stir our compassion for our fellow gal pal and make us wonder "why on earth someone would pick such a dastardly thing" and there are bridesmaid dresses that have us wondering "Where can I get that?"

I think the success of a good bridesmaid dress is when people see a beautiful dress that can work just as well in the wedding and it does out in the big ole' world. So if no one knew you were wearing a bridesmaid dress out to a social function, would it be a fashion hit or miss?

L to R: Moschino Cheap and Chic and Thread Design

I can't believe that the dress on the left is a bridesmaid dress and at a steal of a price because I would absolutely wear it for a night out on the town! Oh those girls at Thread, proving once again that you can have bridesmaid dresses and fashion coexist in harmony.

So go forth bridesmaids and fashion forward girls alike - you can have your bridesmaid dress and wear it too!

Images courtesy of and Thread Design.

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