Monday, February 16, 2009

Best Laid Plans: Part II

Best Laid Plans: Part I

By now you have gotten the big "To Do" items taken care of in your wedding planning: the date, location and the dress. So what's next?

In these next few months, you will be compiling your research and making final decisions on your preferred vendors. Each vendor will have his or her own contract and payment processes so be sure to review and ask before you sign anything. If your vendor is very high in demand make sure to book early!


Get the Party Started: celebrate your engagement and have your families meet by throwing an engagement party.

All things Bridesmaids: deciding who will be a part of your bridal party can be trickier than negotiating peace in the Middle East. These are the girls that will be an integral part of your day and the planning, so choose wisely.

Bridesmaids Dresses: depending on which designer you go with, you will need to order your bridesmaid dresses at least a few months in advance. Give yourself ample time to order the dress, do alterations, and have a back up just in case. Or if you decide to go the less traditional route, pick a few ready to wear dresses that fit the occasion.

Photo Finish: research and meet with photographers. The best photographers work their way seamlessly throughout the entire event.They will be responsible for capturing all the breathtaking moments of your day so make sure that you and your photographer click (no pun intended!). Look at not only the completed albums, but also their proofs. If possible, have the photography team bring an additional photographer to capture more candid shots.

I'm Ready for my Close-Up: equally as important as the photographer is the videographer. Good videographers will record the days events, great videographers will create a cinematic masterpiece. Check out one of the best in the industry, StillMotion - amazing!

What a Dish: if your reception does not provide catering services, you will need to arrange for your own. Decide on what type of reception you are having - buffet, formal sit down dinner, hor d'oeuvres, etc. Be comfortable with your decision and ask about any additional policies they may have.

Music of our Lives: live band or DJ? I am a strong proponent of having live music at a wedding as it helps the guest really get into the spirit to boogie and shake. But be forewarned - a bad band DJ will have everyone rushing for the exits.

Be our Guest: start compiling a list of names and addresses for your guest list. Keep in mind that you will need to combine your guest list, his guest list, and your respective families' guest list. To prevent the lists from becoming an explosion of people, consider limiting the number of guests, with respect to both families.

The Registry: oh fun! Have you and yours sign up for a gift registry to ensure that you will get the items you really want to start your new life. Make sure to include a wide range of items for every guest's budget.

Making it Official: choose your officiant and book him or her for he wedding.

Images via InStyle Weddings and Martha Stewart Weddings.

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