Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What Would Audrey Do?

When I find myself in a sticky social situation, I ask myself, "What would Audrey do?"

I feel in today's society we are becoming progressively more tolerant of what is deemed to be crass behavior and allowing others to comport themselves in unladylike behavior. Do you cringe like I do when I hear a curse word out of an otherwise lovely lady?

Weddings, it seems, allows us to go back to the genteel mannerisms of yesterday, when courtesy and graciousness rule the day. But why stop at the wedding? Why not take those lessons throughout our entire lives?

Here's a few books that I do hope you will be able to peruse through before the big day and beyond because it doesn't matter if you are a most beautiful bride in the world if the inside doesn't sparkle as well.

Emily Post's Etiquette, Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette, and A Guide to Elegance

So curl up with your a cup of hot tea, your best reading pearls and enjoy a weekend read for a lifetime of practice. After all, there's nothing old fashioned about having good manners!

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