Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Recessionista's Reception

Who says you need an enormous budget for a fabulous fete? With the uncertainty of today's economic climate, more and more brides are finding creative and cost effective ways to make the wedding of their dreams into a reality.

This past weekend I helped throw a Holiday party for a couple of those near and dear to my heart. The table below cost under $100!

The Design: inspiration came to me as I was walking through my local 99 Cents store! They had these amazing silver and light blue Christmas ornaments in various sizes and shapes and after I saw them I knew I wanted to use them for something special. My girls and I scattered the large and small ornaments along the table and put the smaller ornaments in apothecary jars you can find at Michael's or in any clear large vase.

We also used some glittery bronze branches and feathers for a Marie Antoinette look and all found at Michael's. And because its the holidays they were on sale for 50% off!

Here's a tip - when on a budget, stick to a simple color scheme and buy a lot - this way you will have a definitive look to the party.

Floral Arrangements: I'm lucky enough to live within driving distance to the LA Flower Market and was able to purchase several dozen white roses to make my arrangements. I think that when the flowers look full and voluminous, it really creates a warm atmosphere to the occasion. Now you may be thinking - several dozen! that must be so expensive! But they only cost $25 !

I used a silver mint julep inspired vase and a clear vase lying around my house.

Tip: the freshest blooms are always going to be the most expensive. These roses were 3 - 4 days old, still fragrant and much less expensive! You'll have to prune a few of the older petals but it's still worth it! Not near a Flower Market? Try your local farmers market or using blooms that take up a lot of room like hydrangeas or carnations - just make sure to stick with one flower. For the vases if you don't have anything similar around your home, you can always cover the container with complimentary festive paper to complete the look.

Place Settings: our hostess V. supplied all the place settings and stemware (from her Tiffany & Co. Registry!) for the occasion and it really helped our budget. But if you have champagne tastes on a beer budget, stick with one color for the dinnerware - white is always the go to option. Ikea offers some affordable and contemporary choices.

Lighting Options: candlelight always makes any occasion infintely more romantic and intimate plus it makes everyone look great! We used V.'s Tiffanys crystal candlestick holders (given to her as a wedding present). V. has her own Ikea candle supply store in her garage so we were able to make do with those. We used plenty around the table and it really helped set the mood.

Tip: don't have a candle aisle in your own garage? Buy candle holders and tealights in bulk at Ikea. The investment is well worth it because you'll be using them again and again for future occasions.

Fashion Forward: we all decided to dress up and glam up for the dinner party and it was such a wonderful idea! It's amazing what a party frock will do for your confidence.

Here's to throwing a fabulous party with your friends to help kick off the whirlwind of your holiday social calendar!

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In or Out... said...

can't believe the ornaments were bought from a 99cent store...that's fantastic!!!

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