Monday, December 29, 2008

Resolutions and Guest Relations

We're a few days from 2009, but that doesn't mean we can't start making a few etiquette resolutions for what will most likely be a busy social whirl of weddings to attend to in the coming year.

For the Bride

I can pretty much sum up the golden rule of etiquette for the Bride to be: don't be a Bridezilla! Yes you are special, but that doesn't entitle you to boss around your friends and family like they are your servants. I shudder at the horrors!

For the Guests
Here are a few tidbits on courtesy and thoughtfulness that will prevent you from making any social faux pas and have the bride and groom grateful to have you there.

Respond in a timely manner: give the bride and groom one less thing to worry about by RSVP as soon as possible. The couple have a lot to plan (seating arrangements, catering, seats, tables, etc) and can't do anything until they know how many guests will be in attendance.

Get there early: weddings are not the time and place to be fashionably late, especially at the ceremony. I would be so upset with myself if I were to miss my dear friends saying their vows. After all, you're not there just to drink the alcohol and eat their food!

The Ceremony: leave the pictures to the professionals and avoid disrupting the ceremony by not taking any pictures of the ceremony with a flash camera.

The gift of giving: if you are invited to a wedding, but cannot attend, it is still customary to send a gift. Also, the couple's registry should have a mailing address to ship to so they don't have to worry about taking care of any packages at the end of the night. And if you wait until the very last minute, don't worry, you still have a year to send a gift.

One isn't always a lonely number: most couples will specify if you are allowed to bring a guest by including your name and guest on the addressed invitation. If not, do not assume you can bring a guest or call the bride or groom if it is okay to bring a guest. Receptions, especially, can be a costly affair, but don't worry - I went to a wedding without a +1 and sat with a delightful group of people. Think of the opportunities to meet new people and getting to know the special people in the bride and groom's life.

Everything in Moderation: no one ever wants to be know as that guest so keep your alcohol intake to a minimum. Yes, the open bar is tempting, but the embarrassment and not to mention rudeness should dissuade you from any undesirable behavior.

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