Monday, December 22, 2008

The Bold and the Beautiful

I love a big, bold damask print, especially when it's in a chic black and white. It makes the occasion look so much more grand, opulent and sophisticated.

Wedding Dress: Legends by Romona Keveza. The dramatic contrast between the black and white is simply stunning and was the inspiration for the wedding design. Talk about designing around the bride's dress.

Reception: I found this bold reception look from Jessica Claire Photography, an amazing photographer in Orange County, CA. Don't you just love the twist of using both contemporary and traditional chandeliers?

Invitations: these damask invitations are from Mooks Design in the United Kingdom. I like these invites because they aren't too excessive on the damask print as sometimes invitations can be. And the inverted colors of give a touch of the unexpected.

Flower Power: give a splash of color to the grand affair by adding rich red roses. With a classic black and white palette, any bold color will do, but I think the red just makes it a bit more decadent.

Petit Pastry: these bite sized wonders are from UK cake maestro Little Venice Cake Company.

Reception: Another angle of the reception by photographer Jessica Claire. The seating arrangements are a fantastic mix of circular booths and long tables. I think I see some Philippe Starck ghost chairs! And look at the damask wallpaper what a novel idea - it incorporates the color scheme and the aesthetic without being overdone. So much better than a busy damask table cloth.

Maid of Honor: This fluid gown comes from the Vineyard Collection - fabulous!

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