Monday, May 24, 2010

Peace, Love & Understanding

Because all we really need is a little Peace, Love & Understanding!

If you're like me you love the beauty and intricacy of calligraphy. Now you can wear the beautiful work of art in a new and original scarf from Bernard Maisner and Echo Design Group. Each limited edition scarf is wearable art, voicing a message of Peace, Love & Understanding to the world. This message of hope and optimism is one that everyone can relate to. Maisner’s beautiful letterforms are screen printed on a delicate lightweight 100% wool scarf, combining the vision of an iconic artist and a world class design house.

A fitting gift for any occasion!

Image via Bernard Maisner.


The Paris Party and Wedding Planners said...

What a beautiful gift these would make!

Love, The Paris Party and Wedding Planner

Sarah Wedding said...

These are gorgeous and would be perfect for a groom's pocket square! The bride could give the groom her choice as a wedding gift and the words can have a special meaning. It would also look great if these were monogrammed with the couple's initials!

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