Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making Whoopie

Reader - I think it's time to make Whoopie - Whoopie Pie that is!

William & Sonoma played host to a lovely Sunday brunch during The B-List meet up where we bridal bloggers got to see first hand the latest kitchen and home gadgets on the market. There were panini makers, D5 pans, and juicers that made this self-proclaimed non-DIY-er want to test her mettle in the kitchen.

To my relief that I didn't have to get all Thomas Keller right out of the gate, I found this delightful Whoopie pan to prove my culinary worth.

Fond memories of my childhoods came back to me as I remembered devouring these delicious chocolate and cream goodies. And with easy to follow instructions on the pan, making Whoopie pies seems like a piece of cake (sorry, I just had to!).

Register or pick up a Whoopie Pie Pan today and I'm sure you wonderful readers will think up of loads of other goodies to make with your new Whoopie pan.

Image via notes from my food diary.

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