Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Making Martha Proud

If you're a bride that loves putting that extra personal touch into your wedding, Martha Stewart is the gold standard for making your wedding wonderful and budget friendly. Who could resist her lovely take on a tuxedo-inspired wedding that is as easy to replicate as it is recessionista-chic?

But before you go off with visions of your DIY wedding dancing in your head, a word to the wise ladies - don't forget that your wedding happens only once! All the effort and thoughtfulness you've put into your wedding would be for naught if you are fraught with worry over the proper placing of the napkins and center pieces.

Don't worry ladies, even Marvelous Martha sometimes turns to the industry pros to help fashion her gorgeous ideas and take care of the little details! So what are some things that are best left to the pros?

If you don't have a wedding planner, consider hiring a day-of planner. Your day-of planner will be the go-to person to handle any mini crisis that may arise, leaving you, your attendants, family and friends to enjoy a worry free day. Any integral parts of the wedding should always be left to the professionals such as major floral centerpieces, photography, and catering.

There's plenty that needs to be done for a wedding so you will have ample opportunity to make Martha proud. How about grabbing all your best gal pals for a fun-filled night of favor making and cosmos drinking? Or if invitations and place cards need to be made, enlist the help of a friend with an eye for style to help you design and make those invites. And if you're a bride who really wants to tackle everything, may I recommend doing a small test run before the big day just to make sure all the important pieces are in place? Think of hosting a small dinner party (so your reception run-through doesn't go to waste!), maybe with your future day-of planner and maid of honor, to run through any additional ideas that may pop up. Just make sure they know mum's the word!

As Martha would say, "it's a good thing!"

Image courtesy of {this is glamorous}.

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