Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Floating on Air!

Does it seem like we're all thinking about floating away up to a happy blue sky?

A great wedding trend this year? If you're like me, you love the whimsy of a balloon, but think it might be a tad bit too casual for your fete. Consider taking your childhood toy to your engagement session for an extra dash of charm or filling a room full of the bride's wedding colors for her bridal shower. To prevent your occasion from looking like your high school prom, I suggest upgrading to extra large round balloons with a matte finish and in the same color family, either tonal shades or a pastel palette. Remember, you can have different color accents in your flowers or plates to compliment the color wash.

If you're feeling quite adventurous, what about incorporating them like this editorial from Vogue China?

Whether you go all out or have a few balloons prance behind you way, balloons make for a memorable accent and proving that love isn't the only thing that will have you floating on air!

Images courtesy of Tim Walker via Captivate Me, Dior, and Vogue China April 2009 by Solve Sundsbo.

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