Thursday, March 19, 2009

Up Close and Personal

I'm ready for my close up! Looking picture perfect for your wedding doesn't have to seem like a daunting uphill battle, but rather a routine that will take you not only through your wedding day but also your life. So get ready for some flawless skin and read just a few of the beauty basics from the editors at The Knot.

It's a make better, not a make over: your wedding day shouldn't be the time to experiment or present a dramatically new look to everyone important in your life. Play up your best features and keep the drama in the soap operas and not your face. Also, beauty isn't a one time deal, its a process that takes dedication, commitment and time, so make sure you start 5-6 months prior to the wedding. Click here to read more about your Countdown to Gorgeous.

A work of Art: I highly recommend not only going through a few test trials of your wedding look with a make up professional, but also having him or her be at your wedding. As The Knot says, "a good makeup artist can mean the difference between a nice wedding face and a drop-dead beautiful one."

Practice makes Perfect: a few test runs of your wedding day look are essential to starving off any unforeseen disasters. As you and your makeup artist are discussing different options, make sure that the look you desire is one that will not only have you looking gorgeous on your big day, but also stand the test of time (meaning no brilliant blue 80s eyeshadow!).

Image courtesy of J.Crew.

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perfect bound said...

I love that photos. Just beautiful. J.Crew should publish a wedding magazine. It would be so pretty!

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