Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Floating on Air

So many ways to decorate, so little time! If you're looking for something more than the standard ceremony decor or centerpiece, check out the bottom three weddings from The Empty Vase, The Bride and Bloom, and Yvonne Design for some design inspiration:

String along your flowers and other design decor along some clear thread or fishing line for a lush, garden bloom look indoors. Hanging flowers throughout the ceremony and reception are a great way to infuse some whimsy and romance into the wedding and with the gentle scent of beautiful flowers waifing through the air, I'm sure your guest will be pleasantly surprised with the added details.

Images courtesy of The Empty Vase, Bride and Bloom, and Yvonne Design.

1 comment:

Mauryn said...

Love the idea, it is very enchanting:)!

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