Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sitting Pretty

When only the prettiest of pinks will do for your wedding, think outside of your monotone pink box.

Pale blushes to vivid fuschias, a symphony of like colors hit all the right notes such as this ad for Elizabeth Arden's new fragrance, Pretty.

Brides, consider how all the beautiful tones of the pinks will capture the light and make you the prettiest rose in the garden.

And who isn't loving this idea for some bridal shots?

I always wondered what happens to the flowers after the reception . . . do they get thrown away? recycled? donated? surreptitiously taken home by a few of your guests?

If your photographer has time, I suggest having your flowers do a little double duty by staging your own photo-op. Pluck a few of the prettiest blooms from the centerpieces, artistically arrange the flowers along the floor, grab the nearest 18th century Louis XVI style love seat, and snap away!

Image via WWD.

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