Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Run(a)way Bride

What if you searched high and low, near and far, for a wedding dress and could not find anything? Reader, I hope you never have such a nightmare!

But for some of you, that is the case. Is Oscar unworthy of your love? Monique not a BFF? Carolina got you down?

Fear not, for I have a solution! If a white dress is what you seek, to the runway is where we shall take a peek!

For the same price as a wedding gown, you can also find a fabulous Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, or Temperly London. Aren't the ruffles of the Cavalli and Temperly London divine?

Images via www.style.com.

1 comment:

DrOOpY said...

not a strapless person...but i'm drooling over the temperly london... :)

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