Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Things Come in Small Packages

As Martha would say "it's a good thing" and I can think of no better thing (because "gooder" is not a word) than these delightful eats!

One major trend in weddings is the change from the big multi-course dinner to a funner, more bite sized dining experience. Not only do these small goodies look amazing in pictures (rows upon rows of different colored macaroons anyone?) but they also give your guests more options in eating what they really want. After all, no one likes to feel so stuffed that they can't take a turn on the dance floor.

Below are some pictures of the amazing Peter Callahan's work for Martha Stewart's Breakfast at Tiffany's themed wedding:

And for you DIY brides, this is a great way to have an amazing and affordable reception. With food looking this good, it just might steal the show!

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