Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An American Princess

Every four years we participate in a beloved American pastime of voting for our next president. Here's something to get yourself in the spirit for the Red, White, and Blue!

Rich Reds: Tommy Hilfigher Dress, red roses, Dororthy's Red Slippers by Oscar de la Renta.

All American Girl: Donna Karan Halter Dress with floral appliques - so Caroline Bisset Kennedy!, winter white floral arrangement of white ranunculus interwined with delicate rice flowers by Karen Bussen, candle favors of votive glasses—embellished with laser-cut vinyl transfers you can customize—and paired with silver-embossed matchboxes.

Brilliant Blues: Calvin Klein Mini Dress, Chanel Camelia watch with sapphires and diamonds, and blue hydrangeas.

Images via: www.style.com, www.brides.com, www.chanel.com.

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