Monday, November 24, 2008

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Anemones Closer

I believe that flowers really help set the tone of any wedding. Roses are a symbol of tradition, hydrangeas can denote a more laid back, casual event, and calla lilies can impart a chic, urban look.

One bloom that I'm quickly falling in love with is the anemone. They can make a classic bouquet of roses into a sophisticated art piece or make a cozy arrangement even warmer. With their big bold centers, these flowers are simply amazing.

Whatever the occasion, anemones are a great way to add an unexpected touch to your affair. And for your winter brides, the anemone is the perfect seasonal flower to use - just make sure to keep them close at hand because with flowers this pretty, those roses just may get a tad bit jealous!

Left to right: Takeshimaya New York, Fleurs NYC, The Knot, Art Fool, Fleurs NYC, Martha Stewart Weddings.

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