Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding Wish Wednesday: Nicole from Thread

I'm so excited to introduce to all my fabulous reader's this week's wedding expert Nicole from Thread! Besides being one of the loveliest and nicest gals in the wedding and fashion industry, Nicole is Thread's PR Director and the charming voice behind their must read blog with a veritable treasure trove of savvy advice for brides.

Here's Nicole's tips on that to die for straight out of the magazine look but often hard to achieve in real life look for your bridesmaids.

Mixing and Matching Colors 101: Some simplified advice for taking the big step away from the Identical Bridesmaid Dress.

Do know that choosing one color (say, grey) in various shades is the easiest way to pull off a 'mixture' of color when it comes to bridesmaid dresses.

Do stick to similar, if not the same, fabrics when mixing colors. A blue seersucker dress just won't work well, for instance, with a green chiffon dress.

Don't be afraid to mix styles and colors of the dresses, so long as there is one uniting theme, such as the detailing, the print, the fabric or the length.

Don't shy away from mixing bold, contrasting hues. So long as you have a 'color inspiration', such as the sunset, it will work. (The foolproof trick here again, folks, is to stick to similar styles and fabrics.)

Images via Thread Bridesmaid.


weddingsnpretty said...

Great advice! Gorge dresses!

dognbird said...

Such smart and elemental advice. These combinations all are aces!

Anonymous said...

Love these dresses! Can you tell us where they are from please!

Madalyn Chaffin said...

I like the colors and styles of ALL of these dresses. I do not know if it were intentional or not, but it seems like the different selections of dresses could be used for the different seasons. I think using different shades of the same color could add a fun, yet pretty variety to the wedding party. I could honestly say I could see myself using any one of these dresses not only as a good choice for a bridesmaid, but some as a dress to be worn outside of the wedding setting.

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