Monday, August 9, 2010

All Dressed Up

You get all gussied up for the wedding, so why not your chandeliers? Look no further than these dressed up chandeliers for a unique reception idea that will really shine!

These dazzlers are from none other than Tara Guérard, event planner extraordinaire. Tara gave the cinderella project the scoop on the design philosophy that will make your reception the one they'll never forget. From Tara:

We loved these lampshades the first time we saw them and we've been able to use them for many events that have totally different looks... the traditional, classic feel to the chandeliers lends itself to events that have a more formal asthetic, but the silver drum shade offers a glam look, so the fixtures also work with a more modern aesthetic.

We've used them everywhere from ambient lighting over bars and dance floors, to grouping many of them in a large lounge tent.

Brides, if you love the look of the chandelier, why not give them a fresh look by combining tradition with modernity? Oh, and the chiffon panels? Swoon!


Alison @ The Knotty Bride said...

Those chandeliers are INCROYABLE. I am so into them it's not even funny.

Erin @ Chatty Brides said...

Wow, from Gatsby style to Chic rooftop. These would work anywhere!

Erika said...


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