Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stand Tall

Slouching may look avant garde in the glossies, but in the real world, it can look downright dowdy. How to get that model-esque length for your pictures? It's as simple as having the right posture! Including benefits to your health and strengthening core muscles (hello flat tummies!), good posture also conveys self-confidence and grace. And seriously brides, who wouldn't want that regal beauty look?

So brides, shoulders back, chin up, and stand tall! And if you must infuse a little fashion forward posing in said photographs, a coquettish tilt of the head will do you just fine.

Image by Kelly Stuart via Elle PhotoBook.


Grace Community Garden said...

Thanks for the reminder... no slouching policy in effect! And, congratulations to you for winning Aisle Dash -Best Bridal Fashion Blog! You have a lovely site and I added you to my blogroll! Cheers!!

A Crimson Kiss said...

An absolutely excellent suggestion!

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