Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Take My Breath Away

In an industry celebrating love, it is only fitting that in flower speak gypsophila means purity of heart.

Once relegated to filler flower status, gypsophila, more commonly known as baby's breath, is making a comeback in today's chic-onomic weddings. If you're looking to create a delicate, dream-like setting for your wedding, look to gysophila arranged in large clusters to mimic those heavenly clouds.

Not only is gypsophila a DIY bride's dream come true, but just think of the many buds you can use to convey that sweet innocence that sometimes seems lost in today's modern times.

Image via Polly Wreford

1 comment:

the real mia said...

This is beautiful. I never thought of baby's breath as being the main attraction in a bouquet, but this has totally made me reconsider.

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