Monday, August 10, 2009


Here's one vice I'd be willing to have! The Viceroy Hotels in Miami, Palm Springs, and Santa Monica are just the thing for your next getaway. With their dramatic interiors from designer extraordinare and tastemaker Kelly Wreastler, these hotels are a world away from your typical desert or beach retreat.

Get jet setters status with sunny skies and glamourous vibes that rule the day at the Miami stop. How about a bachelorette party at the cheerful, sunny rooms of Palm Springs? If you need the the Pacific breeze along with your spa day, the luxurious greens of the Santa Monica hotel are sure to please.

A word of caution - don't be surprised if you girls get a little green with envy that they didn't think of this before. But why get jealous when you can get a room?

Images courtesy of The Viceroy Miami, The Viceroy Palm Springs and The Viceroy Santa Monica.

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honey my heart said...

loooooove the viceroy in santa monica. we had our engagement session there and i felt like i needed to either move in or redesign our apartment in that style.

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