Thursday, October 22, 2009

Paper Source

What type of wedding would you like to have? David Stark Design creates a beautiful setting for the 125th Anniversary Metropolitan Opera, infusing centuries old type into creative design that is sure to have your guests saying wow!

From the mind of David Stark: "Exploded, cropped, varied in type and color, the array of graphics not only provided a wonderful walk through the Opera’s historic identities in print but it transformed the tent into a three dimensional collage. Elegant banners gently fluttered above vases and luminaries wrapped with glowing prints from every time period. It didn’t really matter if you could read all of the text. We often cropped at such extreme angles to simply celebrate the sheer form of the lettering and push it into the realm of pattern."

Inspirational and innovative!

Images via David Stark Design.


Romantic Pansy said...

Amazing!! I love it!

there is a raffle in my blog, maybe you wanna take part in it!!! I am a Spanish fashion designer, now living in NY, selling my stuff in Manhattan! I hope you like it!

thank you!!! :D

The Favour Gallery said...

The table decoration is stunning, great details.

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