Monday, September 14, 2009

Under the Weather

We can no more control who we fall in love with than we can control the weather.

If you wake up and find your wedding day has less than sunny skies, fret not dear bride, for here are some tips that will help you weather any storm!

Begin with a positive outlook. Sure, the rain isn't ideal, but it could be worse. After all, rain is something that is extremely romantic. Don't let your desire to pout about the weather stop you and your groom from embracing the highly romantic nature of a rainstorm. Rain is known to bring about feelings of warmth, enchantment, and coziness. Take a chance and embrace the romanticism that comes along with that hated rain storm.

Some brides might freak out and wonder what will become of the wedding photos. If you've hired a good, professional photographer (which you should have), they should have no problem taking pictures in the rain.

Some photographers even claim that rainy weather creates better pictures. The soft lighting associated with rainy days can make for easy picture taking and the sight of rain drops through a camera lens can create some stunning final pictures. Let the creative juices flow for you and your photographer and the results might end up surprising you.

Of course, it never hurts to have a back up plan just in case. Should a rain cloud loom over the horizon, be prepared with decorative umbrellas for you and your guests (adorable picture alert - there's bound to be more than one pair of love birds cuddling up under the umbrella) or an alternative ceremony and reception site should your venue allow. Speak with your vendors for any additional rainy day rentals and details beforehand such as a large canopy or tent for a divine and dry time.

And for that walk down the aisle? Forget those stilettos that will get stuck in the mud and try some wellies. Here's a great idea from this resourceful bride:

So put a little sunshine on your face and enjoy the day - after all, it only comes once!

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Romantic Pansy said...

i really love your blog! it is soooo lovely!!

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