Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Box Step

Work things out in your favor! Here's some tips from Martha on how to create swoon worthy favors on a dime . . .

From top to bottom:

1. Play with color by swapping the lids on bright boxes. Affix printed labels, then tie contrasting elastic cording in bows and loop them around corners.

2. Add your mark with these favors inspired by the packaging of fine chocolatiers. You can cover prepackaged chocolates in personalized paper decorated with your initials, names, or wedding date. Any word-processing program can produce simple type, but a graphics program is needed for more complicated designs. Print on lightweight paper, and finish with slim ribbon.

3. Favor boxes can look playful or sophisticated with yarn. Many of these ideas use the same technique: Attach the end of yarn to the bottom of a box with a clear round mailing seal. Wind yarn around the box several times, cut off, and affix the other end to the bottom with a second seal. Precut all of your yarn before wrapping.

4. A beaded message and a few lines of Shakespearean verse photocopied onto newsprint paper spell out pure romance.

For more Martha goodness, click here for a bounty of your favor-ite things.

Images via Martha Stewart Weddings.


Adriana said...

ahhh yes, I love this blog. and Martha Stewart! The shakespeare quote with the beads is so gorgeous, you could use any pretty verse that has meaning to you or the gift recipient/s too i suppose. I love that! t

Lindsay H. said...

i love the labels on the boxes - labels in my opinion, when used not too heavily can be a great addition to a wedding. has some pretty good personalized labels :)

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