Thursday, July 9, 2009

Train of Thought

What's a wedding gown without a train? In the midst of all your gown adventures, you will undoubtedly ask yourself what type of train you would like. Here's a little primer to ensure that you won't have a runaway train on your hands:

Royal/Monarch Train: a train of the grandest order, this train extends 9 feet from your waist for a look fit for royalty. The late, great Diana, Princess of Wales wore this train for her wedding to Prince Charles. Perfect for your ultra-formal affair.

Cathedral Train: one of the most popular lengths for a formal event, the cathedral train falls approximately 7 feet from your waist, giving you that fairy tale princess charm. After the ceremony you can bustle up the train and have subtle draping at the back of your skirts - it's like getting two dresses in one!

Chapel Train: chapel trains provide an elegant look with all the mobility needed to dance the night away. Extending approximately 4 feet from your waist, it's just the thing for your wedding, formal, informal and everything in between.

Sweep Train: of course if you choose not to have a train at all, look for dresses with a sweep train, where the length of the skirt just brushes the floor. Should you fall in love with a dress that has a train longer than you like, remember, you can always shorten a train but be forewarned, once cut it cannot be undone.

Images courtesy of Tim Walker for UK Vogue 2005 via Hellenavratil's Blog.

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alanna said...

this image is AMAZING. i love it!

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