Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kids at Heart

Deciding whether or not to have your friend's and family children to your wedding can sometimes be a tricky social situation. Here's some tips that will make inviting your littlest guest as easy as child's play:

Invitations: to include the entire family, address the invitations to Mr., Mrs. and Family, but should you prefer to not to have children at the wedding, address the invitation to the Mr. and Mrs. If your guests RSVP and write in their children's names, diplomatically discuss the situation with them.

Food: while your adult guest may appreciate the subtle nuances of a five course dinner, chances are your little guests won't. How about having a children only table and serving some kid friendly eats like macaroni and cheese, french fries, or grilled cheese sandwiches. Coordinate with your caterer to present these good eats in a creative way.

Favors and Entertainment: make sure to have the right entertainment that is child friendly and child appropriate. Kids may love sweets, but be sure to get parental approval before you dish out the goodies.

Sitters: if you are feeling especially generous, one of the best gifts to give families is providing a sitter. If the venue allows, dedicate a space for the little guests to have their own party so both the grown ups and the kids can dance the night away.

Images courtesy of Vogue Italy "So Short, So Shiny" by Patrick Demarchelier.

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