Friday, January 30, 2009

Fab Frocks Friday: The Long and Short of It

If I could wear an evening gown everyday (and not get strange looks as I walk down the street) I would. But alas, those yard and yards of fabric are just so unsuitable for daily wear, not to mention that shortening the skirt of a full length gown is sacrilegious. What is a girl to do?

L to R: Christian Lacroix and SoCa St. John

Lo and behold: two very similar and very event appropriate dresses. Hmm . . . I believe I'll wear the Lacroix to the rehearsal dinner and the St. John to the the brunch. Another riddle solved by those fabulous gods and goddesses of fashion.

Images via Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.


andrea said...

WOW. Love the Lacroix. what a statement!!!

Connie said...

miss cinderella... you are simply adorable. you have ways with words... and fashion!

Anonymous said...



I know what you mean with the weird stares!

I miss you!


Ashley L. said...

I LOVE that first dress. Its beautiful!

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