Monday, October 20, 2008

Rhapsody in Blue

If floral arrangements were translated into music, I would imagine a trumpet blowing some sassy tunes especially if they looked like the masterpieces at Krislyn Designs.

I've always wondered how organic materials could be made into something fabulous and I believe I have found the answer.

What genius her designs are - the vivid cobalt blue feathers are making me feel a little O La La! The clusters of blue moss make me feel as if I am submerged in an oasis of heavenly serenity; and the delicate blue petals gently strung throughout the manzanita branches remind me of cherry blossoms in spring.

Wouldn't these pieces be such a statement for your guests to see when they first walk in? These pieces are truly works of art that I know will be appreciated for their beauty and their uniqueness.

Eco has met chic and its a match made in heaven! Thanks L.M. for the scoop!

1 comment:

DrOOpY said...

OOOOooooOOOO...i love the delicate blue petals!!! maybe not in blue but i love it!!!

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