Thursday, October 30, 2008

Leaving it to the Pro-FRESH-inals

We've all wanted to be guest judges on Iron Chef, tasting the unique, culinary creations of master chefs and with the rise of Foodie culture, excellent food has never been more in demand.

At Food Art Event, you'll be able to satisfy your (and your guests) inner Michelin reviewer. From the brilliant minds of Chef David Myers of Sona, Boule and Comme Ça restaurants and Jerry Baker of City Cuisine Catering + Design comes masterpieces that are easy on the eyes and the stomach.

I never thought I could be seduced by a wasabi emulsion, but here I am falling in love! I think its safe to say gone are the days of the rubber chicken and dry fish.

And for dessert? Make sure you take a picture before you devour your dish!

Food Art Event reduces their carbon footprint by buying local and organic food and beverages and donate a portion of their procedes environmental groups that give back to the planet.

I'll eat (and eat and eat) to that!

For more info, check out their website: Food Art Events.

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