Monday, October 21, 2013

Wedding Day Makeup

After getting my make up done by a professional on my friend's wedding day, I was left with that dreaded "I don't look like myself" feeling.  Don't get me wrong, I was ecstatic to have my make up done - what girl doesn't want to be pampered? 

But as I looked in the mirror and saw a stranger looking back at me, I realized that it wasn't her fault that I didn't look like me - only I knew how to do my makeup so I looked and felt like myself.  After a few quick touch ups, I felt better, I felt like me.

Crisis resolved!

Readers - have you had a similar situation? Sound off in the comments!

Image via  Tumblr.


Maria said...

I've had a similar experience but with hair instead of makeup! I just couldn't deal with how my hair was done for my friends wedding but ended up just leaving it and trying not to focus on it for the night

Happyeverafter Bride said...

I hated my destination second reception makeup! She looked at me and tsked tsked my hooded lids and said I'm lucky she can do magic on my lids! I never trialled her, going with instead a cousin's recommendation cause her makeup look was exactly what I wanted for mine. Till this day I wonder if she sabotaged me by giving me the wrong reference. It just turned out to be an entirely different outcome. Thank goodness I had a first reception that I was already really happy with.

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