Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Wish Wednesday: Exclusive Q+A with Monique Lhuillier

Having a bit of a Monique Lhuillier love affair {wouldn't you be too?} and what better way to celebrate than an exclusive Q+A with the expert team at Monique Lhuillier!

Q: What are some general tips and advice you have for brides when they first try on wedding dresses?

A: The most important thing to remember is not to get overwhelmed! Try on 6-8 gowns to get an overall feel for the fit and design.

Also, Be true to yourself. If you have never been comfortable in a strapless dress your wedding day isn’t the day to wear one! If you know you have to wear a bra- don’t fall in love with a backless dress!

Don't forget to have an open mind. You may not be able to visualize how a 2 piece wedding gown fits on the body by looking at it on the hanger or just because you envisioned yourself in satin doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick a lace gown that you love!

And trust the experts! Consultants are experts on their product! They have seen brides of all shapes and sizes! Listen to their advice and know that they want you to look the best you possibly can on your wedding day.

Q: What do you see todays' bride trending towards?

A: The reception short cocktail dress has made a major comeback! Stars such as Carrie Underwood have set the tone by changing into a sexy short cocktail dress to dance the night away! At Monique Lhuillier you will see embellished corset bodices with textured short skirts!

Q: You've probably seen this before: a bride loves one gown, but her friends/family think she should wear something else. As the expert, what would you advise on this dilemma.

A: This happens all the time! As the bride is shopping for her wedding gown she is bogged down with opinions from all of her family and friends. What our bride needs to remember that only she will be wearing the dress she selects!! If you feel confident and beautiful in your dress that is the only thing that matters. Listen to yourself and you can’t go wrong!

I think to avoid any negative energy it is best to bring your friends or family after you have already found the dress of your dreams and purchased it! This way you can announce confidently here is my dress- not giving room for any opinions to sway your decision or make you second guess!

Q: Any bride would love to be surrounded by all the beautiful gowns at the salon on Melrose Place. How do you help her narrow down her choices of finding the dream dress?

A: The thought of choosing just ONE dress out of the sea of beautiful gowns we have at the salon is no easy task! It is so important to try on several different styles and shapes to narrow in on the silhouette that you want to wear. After the silhouette is selected then you can easily navigate through the details to decide what it is that you like best- embroideries, beading, lace or textured layering!


Unknown said...

She's one of my all time most beloved designers- so enjoyed reading this interview!!

Daily Cup of Couture said...

Thank you for this fabulous interview! She truly is one of my favorite designers and is such an inspiration.


Megan said...

Love your blog!

Robert London said...

Beautiful - but on a practical note make sure you can dance in it!

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