Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Modern Day Fairytale

Bridal market ladies and we've got some serious fairy tale dresses hitting the runways! So isn't it just perfect timing that this editorial from Vogue has Anne Hathaway dressed up in dresses all brides dream of? Glamor and grace reign supreme with Oscar! Carolina! and Issac!

Fairytales come to life. Isn't it lovely?


Betty Bake said...

ooo lovely :)
so pretty and I love anne hathaway

thanks for sharing

Betty Bake Blog

Anonymous said...

So glad I found you on this very special day before an incredibly special day! Lovely! xox Alexandra

Cindy said...

I'm loving this, so elegant, Anne looks like a true princess. :)

Cindy@silk bouquets

Jay Studio Photography said...

so glamorous! love the last dress.

Cynthia said...

Anne is a modern day Cinderella. Love it!

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