Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Piece of Cupcake

Planning a wedding is a piece of delicious cake! Take these cupcakes from Mark Joseph Cakes for a wedding inspired by none other than Tiffany & Co.

What makes this design work so well? Thematic elements need not be overtly apparent. Here we get get the distinctive Tiffany colors and bow; by incorporating a mix of design elements such as polka dots and stripes make these cupcakes more than just your average Tiffany & Co inspired wedding.

Presenting these treats using several geometric shaped plates instead of the traditional cupcake tower gives the overall presentation a modern, sophisticated flair.

Take note of the main components of your inspiration and incorporate them with a gentle hand.

Image via Mark Joseph Cakes.


Simone Anne said...

Hello Cinderellas (: !

I follow your blog and thought you might be kind of interested in this:



Destination Inspiration said...

Tiffany Blue and white is such a gorgeous, classic, and romantic colour combination for a wedding. J'adore!

MACA said...

i have a sweet tooth now... darn u Grace !

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